best oktoberfest party tipsOktoberfest parties are becoming very popular across the Southeast US. With great German beer, German food, and German party traditions, who wouldn’t want to attend your Oktoberfest event?

Here are tips for holding a successful Oktoberfest party:

Hold your party in September, October, or early November

The actual celebration runs annually from the end of September into the beginning of October, but it will be easier to book your Oktoberfest band late October or early November.

Show off your great Oktoberfest decorations

Plan your party decorations around the traditional colors of Bavaria, cobalt blue and white, and the official German national colors of black, red and gold. Pick up some sweet German party gear at Amazon.

Supply some great German beer

No Oktoberfest is complete without some beer! Asheville, NC has some wonderful selections of local German brews and Oktoberfest special beers. German brews are called Märzen that has a dark brown, full body bitter taste. Try the Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest, Hofbräu Oktoberfest, Yuengling Oktoberfest, and other similar style beers.

Prepare for great German food

While beer is important the Oktoberfest tradition, the German food is where your event can really shine. Hire a caterer to make some traditional German fare such as red cabbage, German potato salad, saurkraut, wienerschnitzel, and German sausages.

Get a great traditional German band

Hiring your own live band will take your Oktoberfest event to the next level! You want to make sure the band offers the traditional polka music that is lively and upbeat. Your band should be engaging and include dancing, dance lessons, games cowbells, and other engaging entertainment. Make sure you get an all-inclusive price so there are no hidden charges at the event and give them plenty of time to setup and break down before and after your guests arrive. Your German party band will make your event the talk your your friends for years to come!

Conact the Appalachian Freunde Polka Band to play your next German Party or event!

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