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German Polka Band Asheville NC

Artist Information

Artist: Appalachian Freunde Polka Band
Genre: Folk, Polka, German Rock
Home Town: Asheville, NC


The Appalachian Freunde Polka Band (AF Polka Band) is an Oktoberfest band formed in 2023 that celebrates German music heritage. Diane, Mike Fields, and Adam Bennett started the band in 2023, and together, they have decades of polka music and Oktoberfest experience.

AF Polka Band shows present polka music with traditional favorites alongside Oktoberfest party tunes and American rock pieces, guaranteed to satisfy the polka fans and let others build a newfound love for the genre.

Whether playing for large festivals or small events, Appalachian Freunde Polka Band members strive to entertain and connect with audiences of all ages.

Press Contact

Adam Bennett, Manager
(828) 231-4121
info @

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German Polka Band
German Polka Band
German Polka Band

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